• Underfloor heating heat pump
    China heat pump; manufacturer; OEM; underfloor heating; Tongyi underfloor heating , floor heating,space heating is with CE and EN14511 certificate.It is controlled by modular design and started to work according to different room heating energy demand.
  • Integrated - R
    Tongyi domestic heat pump water heaters are designed for domestic hot water supply no matter it is a villa or an apartment. The fashion design of intergration, superior and unique.
  • Integrated - J
    Features:• 304 Stainless drawbench shell• Blue hydrophilic aluminium fin heat exchanger• Higher COP• Digital flow control technology• Microchannel outer-coilWater tank:• 200L
  • EVI low temp heat pump
    China heat pump; OEM;heat pump manufacturer; low temperature heat pump; Tongyi EVI low temperature heat pump, EVI , low temperature heat pump is challenge low temp environment. China heat pump supplier.It suitable for hotel, hospital, school, beauty sal
  • Swimming pool heat pump
    china;heat pumps; manufacturers; pool heat pump;ODM;Tongyi swimming pool heat pump, swimming pool heat pump, pool heat pump use heat exchanger with Titanium.By most energy saving way, heat pump realizes constant pool temp for all seasons.

Guangdong Tongyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Tongyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, Established in 1999.Top ten brand in China heat pump industry since 2009.

The first company in China to name “air source heat pump”Headquarter located in Guangzhou, manufacturing base in Nanhai, Foshan.

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified manufacturer.Most of our products are CCC, CE, RoHS, ETL certified and Upon request we will not hesitate to apply for further certificates.

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