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TONGYI Heat Pumps

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Update time : 2020-06-16 10:29:24
A leader and one of the largest heat pump manufacturers in China, TONGYI is determined to retain its established reputation in the heat pump industry and also extend its expansion into the promising Research And Development sector of a wide variety of all in one heat pumps which provide air source and ground source and also R & D into dryer heat pumps.
TONGYI is happy to provide you with your different heat pump requirements for home, office, or industrial use. Our heat pumps are high quality, energy saving , environment friendly, safe, non-hazardous, and user friendly. The different heat pump applications that we specialize in include water heater heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps, space heat regulating heat pumps through underfloor, radiator or fan coil, dryer heat pump and air conditioner heat pump. TONGYI have perfected our heat pump technology vastly and still continuing with our Research and Development to pull away our high standards from our competitors to give you the highest standards in heat pump technology.


As a result of steadfast Research and Development, most of the products and innovations of TONGYI are CE, EN14511. ETL certified and conformed to applicable standards and regulations for several countries. Any request for additional certification and standardization from regulating agencies will be acted upon with priority by TONGYI because we are secure that our excellent standards will pass any regulatory test with flying colors.
TONGYI also manufactures industrial parts which complete the industrial chain for a lot of products that you use. TONGYI wants to optimize its control over the quality of the products and also have a say in ensuring on time delivery to customers. These excellent industrial parts include sheet metal parts and heat exchangers including evaporators and condensers that are either made in-house at TONGYI or by our strategic partners wherein TONGYI has an investment stake. You might be familiar with companies and brands like Emerson, Sanyo and Panasonic because TONGYI have developed strategic development partnerships with these reputable organizations to build together quality products. TONGYI has the industry reputation of being prioritized when other companies need key materials and parts for their operations. They promptly turn to TONGYI for their needs.
If you see prominent brands of appliances and equipment in your home, office or factory, there is a big chance that underneath these quality devices, durable and safe parts and components from TONGYI are integrated into them that make them operate seamlessly, effortlessly and safely.
Access our website  to see details of product specifications and pictures of our quality all in one heat pump products. They are broken down into different heat pump categories so that it will be easy for you to scroll down and search for your convenience. You will see how specialized is TONGYI for your different heat pump needs. Nothing is impossible for TONGYI when it comes to heat pumps, because you will see all the variety in the website.
Plus, on our website you will be able to inquire fast and easily. Email lizzy@gdtongyi.com. Get to know better our all in one heat pumps. Contact us now to benefit from world class TONGYI quality!