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Application of air source heat pump in aquaculture industury

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-06-15 15:42:40
Science and technology to create life, air source heat pump is fully reflected.  In a low temperature climate, not only human beings need thermal equipment, but also most aquatic animals, which is a necessary condition to survive the low temperature period smoothly.  
In the past, the traditional measures of heating or insulation for aquaculture in winter are mainly electric heating rod heating, boiler heating, thermal insulation appliances, etc.  With the development of the air source heat pump industry, now some aquaculture owners have begun to use this new air source heat pump for their aquaculture animals smoothly through the warm and cold season.  In aquaculture applications, air source heat pumps do not heat aquaculture water directly.  After being heated by the air source heat pump, the water is slowly heated up by the principle of heat transfer of auxiliary equipment laid in the fish pond.  
Compared with the previous traditional aquaculture winter heating or insulation technology, the rise of aquaculture heat pump now provides great convenience to both the farmers and the social ecological environment. ​

Traditional boiler heating and heat preservation technology has high combustion energy consumption, and is accompanied by a large number of toxic and harmful waste gas emissions.  And the air source heat pump heating using clean energy energy and air energy, no waste discharge, not only energy saving, but also environmental protection.  Green environmental protection, the key is to use automatic control, more humane, more automatic, save trouble and worry.