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The national carbon trading market is listed, and the air energy industry welcomes good news

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Update time : 2021-08-12 18:05:45
After 10 years of piloting and construction, the high-profile National Carbon Emissions Trading Market (hereinafter referred to as the National Carbon Market) was officially launched on July 16, and the era of refined carbon asset management has come!

As of the close of the day, it closed up 6.73% to 51.23 yuan per ton, with a total transaction volume of 4.104 million tons and a total transaction volume of 210 million yuan. Regardless of the price trend or the transaction situation, it can be regarded as a good start.

At present, the first batch of power generation companies participating in the national carbon emission rights transaction has exceeded 2,200, and the total carbon dioxide emissions of these companies have exceeded 4 billion tons per year. my country is becoming the world's largest carbon market! It is estimated that the unified national carbon market will bring a market scale of 100 billion yuan. In terms of carbon emissions trading volume, my country's current total carbon emissions exceed 10 billion tons per year, and it is estimated that 30%-40% of the carbon trading market will be included in 2025. In the future, China’s carbon emission allowance trading market will exceed 3 billion tons, which is equivalent to the EU’s total emissions.

It can be seen that carbon emissions trading is a big opportunity for the energy-saving and environmental protection industry. As an important member of the energy conservation and environmental protection industry, air energy and heat has irreplaceable significance for achieving the goal of "carbon neutrality". At present, China's heat pump technology and product application fields are very wide. In addition to domestic and commercial domestic hot water and heating applications, there are also a large number of applications in the drying and industrial heating fields in the industrial and agricultural fields. For example, Tongyi Air Energy, a leading brand in the air energy industry, is not only at the forefront of green energy-saving application technologies, but has also set a positive example for the entire industry to take the path of green and sustainable development. From domestic hot water to industrial hot water, from planting and breeding to drying, or from hot water energy saving to a healthy and comfortable home environment, the energy-saving contribution of heat pump technology is everywhere. According to preliminary statistics of relevant data, in the past 10 years, the energy-saving effect produced by the application of Tongyi air energy units is equivalent to saving 17.5 million tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 45 billion kg, and reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 400 million kg, saving the society. The energy cost exceeds 20 billion, which is equivalent to planting 3.5 billion trees for the society.

At present, the carbon market is an indispensable tool and an effective policy tool for my country to achieve its carbon peak goal and carbon neutral vision. It is foreseeable and foreseeable that the listing of the "carbon trading" market will bring huge opportunities to the entire heat pump industry and even the HVAC industry. As the backbone of energy saving and emission reduction, Tongyi Air Energy will stick to its mission as always, never forget its original aspiration, actively respond to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, continue to innovate technologies, use air heat, and better benefit the society and contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality as soon as possible. accomplish.