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Tongyi 150L-200L air source household intergrated/monobolc/all in one heat pump water heater

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-08-09 14:08:52
Tongyi's air-energy integrated domestic heat pump water heater has an exquisite and compact appearance. The biggest difference from other domestic all-in-one heat pump water heaters is that this heat pump water heater can produce hot water while also providing air-conditioning indoors. As shown in the figure, there are two air ducts on the top of the unit, one is used to introduce the heat energy in the air into the unit for water heating; the other can be used to connect a pipe that provides cold air indoors, thereby acting as a refrigeration and air-conditioning effect. Since the volume of this machine is smaller than other models, this air-energy monobloc heat pump water heater is suitable for small families or families with a small family population (2-3 people) to choose.

It also has the following features:
①With air duct.
②Energy take from  air resource.
③Easy installation, monoblock, floor-standing.
④Safe use with refrigerant coil wrapped around external of inner tank.
⑤R134a refrigerant, high efficient and environmental friendly.
⑥Coil for solar connection.
⑦Multiple protections.