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"Tongyi Air Energy Whampoa Military Academy training class" went to Tangshan Station in Hebei with complete success

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-07-20 18:00:57
On July 9th , 2021 , the training class of Tongyi Air Energy Whampoa Military Academy entered Hebei, the third station of Tangshan Zunhua Sunshine Yishui VIP Building Hotel was grandly opened. Industry experts, strategic partners and Hebei regional distributors gathered together to explore the development opportunities and directions of Tongyi Air Energy, and jointly promote the prosperity of the air energy industry and build new value in the industry!

Focus on carbon neutrality and win-win new opportunities
This year is the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country has embarked on a new journey. With the goal of achieving carbon peaks and carbon neutrality, the development of the air energy industry has ushered in a period of opportunity. At this training meeting, Tongyi Air Energy focused on analyzing the current market opportunities and countermeasures for carbon neutrality, and hopes to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality as soon as possible through the Whampoa Military Academy training class!
Help dealers, comprehensively empower and upgrade 
In such a fierce market competition, it is impossible to succeed alone. Only by realizing the combination of enterprise and business, with one mind, can we stand out in the market. In line with the brand management concept of "Brand sharing, you and me benefit together", at this training meeting, Tongyi Air Energy also specially arranged including industry prospects, products, installation and design, applications, and corporate support policies. In multiple links, such as the release of new product models and the release of new product models, while helping dealers from multiple perspectives, they also support the dealers to explore the market with the largest profit margin and the highest quality products. The distributors in the Hebei region who attended the scene benefited a lot and said: The course is very practical and they have more confidence in the next market development!
With the advancement of clean heating projects in the north, the advantages of air energy in terms of energy saving and emission reduction have been well known and recognized by the public. For Tongyi Air Energy, this is not only a rare development opportunity, but also as an air energy company. Social responsibility. Tongyi Air Energy will continue to improve product technology, improve after-sales service, etc., to contribute to the great cause of energy saving and emission reduction!