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Tongyi Air Energy Windless Air Conditioner,create a healthy and comfortable living environment

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-07-01 17:37:51
Home is not only a place of residence, but also our spiritual sustenance; for those who pursue high-quality life, committing to high standards of indoor air, indoor temperature and humidity, fresh air volume, sound environment, etc., is choosing a better Comfortable life experience. We are eager to breathe the fresh air of nature indoors, and spring flowers bloom all year round...
Tongyi air-conditioning comfort system is a new generation of high-comfort air-conditioning system that subverts traditional air-conditioning. It is mainly based on cold and heat conduction to achieve free convection cooling and heating. On the basis of airless air conditioning, it can be equipped with multiple functional modules such as fresh air, dehumidification, and purification. It has "cooling and heating without wind", "extremely silent", " Features such as "purification and sterilization" to create a healthy and comfortable living environment.
Comfortable temperature, warm and cold without wind.
"Traditional air conditioner" air conditioner adopts "fluorine cycle" to realize heat conduction. The air outlet of the air conditioner discharges a large amount of cold/hot air, and the purpose of lowering/increasing temperature is indeed achieved, but this kind of violent active thermal convection scheme will greatly increase the evaporation of water on the surface of the human skin, resulting in dry air, dry mouth, and comfort Feeling bad. The windless air conditioner adopts the "water cycle", the wind blown by the cooling in summer is softer and quiet, and the floor heating in winter "warms the feet and cools the roof", which is less irritating to the body, keeps the skin moisturized, and the overall humidity is more in line with human physiological habits.
Refreshing humidity, bid farewell to "air conditioning disease".
The human body's comfortable indoor humidity is 45%~60%. It is difficult for traditional air conditioners to accurately control humidity, and "air conditioning disease" is actually caused by air drying caused by the air conditioner. Dry air can easily cause respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma. Tongyi airless air conditioner accurately controls the indoor humidity, saying goodbye to "air conditioning disease".
Fresh air, let you breathe freely.
The windless air conditioner can be equipped with a fresh air dehumidification system. By introducing fresh air, it can effectively reduce the indoor CO2 concentration and ensure the freshness of indoor air. In the high humidity season, you can turn on the dehumidification function to maintain the indoor temperature at 50% to 60%, and enjoy the environment like a forest oxygen bar at home.
Sterilize and purify, protect health.
In a closed indoor air cycle, the air is particularly prone to breed bacteria and dust. In order to create a good indoor air quality, Tongyi Air can be equipped with a sterilization purification module in the system, through high-voltage electrostatic adsorption, ozone sterilization, and ozone catalysis. Coupling, can effectively filter indoor dust while eliminating most of the bacteria in the indoor air, ensuring a healthy living environment.
Extremely silent, worry-free sleep.
Studies have shown that indoor noise is widely derived from home appliances, furniture and home building materials, and the impact on people's rest and life is no less than that of outdoor noise. In order to resist indoor noise pollution, after the Tongyi air-conditioning system has no strong convection internal unit, the indoor fan has been running at low speed, there is almost no noise, and the room is quiet, allowing you to concentrate on work and sleep at ease.