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Tongyi Micro-channel Heat exchange Technology

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-06-28 10:47:56
As early as the 2017 China Heating Exhibition, Tongyi Air Energy has launched a diamond-titanium micro-channel hot water exchange tank equipped with micro-channel heat exchange technology. And the heat exchange technology has become a utility model patent of Tongyi Air Energy (Patent No.: 201020131634.8).

So what is the micro-channel heat exchange technology?

Compressed with the special micro-channel raw materials of Norway SAPA, through the fine flow channel design in the tube,The porous material has the largest area close to the surface of the inner tank. It is intended to be heated in all directions. Greatly enhance the heat exchange area and promote the flow of the refrigerant fluid boundary layer, so that the contact area of the outer wall of the tank liner is 150% larger than that of the traditional outer coil, and the heat exchange efficiency is increased by 40%, which greatly increases the amount of hot water. This product is suitable for high-end household water heater products of Tongyi Yinglunxing, Ruimeixing and Diamond Titanium series.