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Tongyi swimming pool heat pump brings you coolness

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-07-10 17:34:14
According to news reports, the global temperature will generally increase in 2021, and many places have experienced high temperatures that have never occurred before, so that many shopping malls and restaurants have closed. People are trying their best to find a place to cool themselves, so swimming is the best choice to take cooling for people.

Tongyi variable frequency swimming pool heat pump, with its unique characteristics, is deeply favored by the market, and has also won unanimous praise from customers.

What is it that makes it so popular?
First of all, Tongyi Air Pool Heat Pump can still maintain high COP in different ambient conditions, more energy saving and faster heating.
Secondly, it has an unique epoxy varnish cabinet, which is more corrosion-resistant than swimming pool machines with other materials.
Third, it uses a titanium tube heat exchanger, which can maintain a greater heat transfer capacity in a mixed water environment such as a swimming pool, and has a stronger corrosion resistance.
Finally, it relies on the intelligent PCB to make inverter stronger and with low noise, and in addition, it can also provide users with a comfortable and healthy swimming experience that can maintain a constant temperature in all seasons.
In this hot summer, have you thought about where to go to cool off for yourself?