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What are the advantages of Tongyi Air Pool Heat Pump?

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-07-06 17:41:25
With the development of society, people have become more aware of the importance of environmental protection in people's healthy lives. The level of science and technology is constantly iteratively updated, and the excavation and use of new energy (air energy) has made people make great contributions to protecting the environment and reducing exhaust emissions. Among them, Tongyi Air Heat Pump is one of the many companies that have made contributions.
Why to say that? Here is the answer.
Tongyi Air Pool Heat Pump has the following four advantages:

1ECO-friendly & Safety
The use process has no pollutant discharge to the environment, no environmental protection pressure, and meets national environmental protection requirements.
Separation of water and electricity, safe and reliable.
It has 20 protection programs such as antifreeze, overload, phase loss, anti-phase, overvoltage, undervoltage, high temperature, water shortage, and probe failure.

2、Precise temperature control
Using an intelligent electronic control system, when the unit detects that the swimming pool water temperature is lower than the set value (T-2), the unit is started and the temperature is kept constant.
The unit implements large flow and small temperature difference, and the comfort is higher.
Unique digital flow adjustment technology, which automatically adjusts the flow according to the ambient temperature, water temperature and other data to ensure stable and efficient technical work.

3Save labor cost
It adopts microcomputer automatic control, no need to be on duty.
It can be connected to the user's mobile phone APP to remotely monitor the operation of the technology.
The panel is easy to operate, and the owner can operate it by himself.
4、Constant temperature throughout the year
Not affected by natural weather such as wind, light, rain, and snow, the swimming pool can be kept constant throughout the year. Automatic defrost function, and built-in adjustment program, adapt to different environments, to ensure that the winter defrosting is completely clean, and the normal operation of the unit is guaranteed. Using titanium alloy heat exchanger, super corrosion resistance, can resist the corrosion of various ions in the water.

So what do you think is there to be a way to benefit mankind and coexist with the ecological environment? Have you taken any actions to protect the ecological environment today? If not, come and work with Tongyi Air Energy, a team that uses new energy (air energy), to contribute to the country's early realization of the goal of carbon neutrality and a good ecological environment for mankind!