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Why do more and more schools choose air energy hot water system?

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-09-01 18:15:59
School is a place for students to read and study, and also their second home. As an important part of campus life, the supply of hot water for school life has become a key target for school renovation and upgrading. Taking advantage of the students leaving school during the summer, there is no need for hot water. Many schools will upgrade the hot water system during this period to ensure sufficient hot water supply and stable water temperature at the beginning of school. ##School## hot water#
In the past, electric boilers, gas boilers, coal-fired boilers or oil-fired boilers were the main sources of hot water for schools. These four methods all have the disadvantages of high operating costs, high maintenance costs, and even potential safety hazards. The boiler system will also pollute the environment. Some areas have restricted the use of boilers, especially coal-fired boilers, in new buildings. Some schools like to use solar water heaters to supply hot water to students, but solar energy is easily affected by the installation location and weather conditions. In rainy days or in winter, solar heating is insufficient, which may cause difficulties for teachers and students to use water. # Boiler## solar#
Now more schools choose energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and stable air energy heat pumps that are not affected by weather and seasons. The main advantages of air energy heat pump are as follows:
1. 24-hour hot water and constant water temperature: The air-energy heat pump is comfortable and convenient to use. It provides constant-temperature hot water 24 hours a day without waiting.
2. Intelligent control, no need for special personnel to supervise: Compared with boiler systems that require special personnel to manage and guard, air-energy heat pumps have been automated and intelligent, saving the school manpower costs.
3. High safety: The operation of the entire air energy heat pump system does not have the flammable, explosive, poisoning, short circuit and other hazards that may exist in traditional water heaters, and it is a safe and reliable hot water system.
4. Energy saving and environmental protection, in line with national policies: The air energy heat pump system runs without any combustion or emissions, and is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.
It is understood that Tongyi Air Energy, which enjoys the reputation of "professional households in high-efficiency hot water systems" in the industry, has established energy-saving and environmentally-friendly hot water projects in hundreds of colleges and universities, and has been praised and recognized by the majority of colleges and universities. Experts believe that the campus air energy hot water market will continue to blow out, and air energy heat pumps will carry the "big banner" of campus heating and provide the highest quality hot water service for thousands of teachers and students. #Air-energy##Air energy heat pump#