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Epta launches transcritcal and cascade refrigeration packs for supermarkets
Click:2257 Date:2014-4-18 0:17:40

Epta Refrigeration unveils CO2 transcritical systems and combined CO2 cascade and R134A refrigerant systems designed to be tailored to individual store requirements.

Also available in large, Eco2Small uses Transcritical CO2 technology and comes with numerous options and accessories, allowing retailers to create their own solution and configure the system for their store, according to Epta.

EptaGreen is a cascade system combining R134A as primary refrigerant and carbon dioxide, producing a GWP below 1,500.

Suitable for warmer climates where ambient temperatures do not allow efficient use of full transcritical CO2 technology, Epta claim it is ideal for LT and MT, has a compact structure of only 3 m in length and can be installed both indoors and outdoors

It is possible to install the entire system on two levels in order to reduce the total length to 2.3 m2. It is easy to install and maintain thanks to the arrangement of the components, which can be accessed in the event of control and service operations by the technical staff, according to the company.

A version for outdoor installation is also available, equipped with a soundproof enclosure.      

Epta Clima allows the two circuits to interact in real time, ensuring greater performance levels in every season of the year, with any outdoor temperature. The generated heat can also be recovered for the store’s heating needs.



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