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Geothermal Heat Pump Unit Series

Product Numbers: 201242905812

Product introduction:Ground source heat pump heater/chiller unit takes advantage of relative stable low temperature as the cold heat source of cold and hot exchange. When producing heat in Winter, the unit releases the coldness into the soil below the surface of the earth, when refrigerating in Summer, then it releases the heat into the soil below the surface of the earth, what's more,this equipment can fulfill the needs for coldness or heat in 4 seasons of a year.

Key features and benefits


R410A,R417A refrigerant

Environmentally-friendly, zero-ozone depletion

Single package design

Easy installation, plumbing and wiring only

Optional spiral tube in tube condenser

Easy clean, high heat exchange rate and avoid refrigerant leakage to water

Optional plate heat exchanger for condenser

Higher heat exchange rate

Four-way reversing valve

Auto defrost allows operation under low temperature

Two heat exchange systems

1.      heating

2.      how water

3.      cooling

Water source

Extracting energy from ground water/waste hot water, litter impact by weather

Cloud control

Monitor and control the units easily anywhere anytime


*heating by hot water circulation and cooling by cold water circulation


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