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Product Numbers: 2014313181444

Product introduction:Tongyi KXA series heat pump water heaters are designed for domestic/commercial hot water supply (shower, spa, washing…) no matter it is a villa or an apartment. They are also recommended for hair salons, etc. The horizontal units draw air in at the back of the heat pump and blow out colder air from the front of the heat pump.

Key features and benefits


R-407C,R410A,R417A refrigerant

Environmentally-friendly. Zero ozone-depletion

Single package design

Easy installation, plumbing and wiring only

Spiral double wall tube in tube condenser

High heat exchange rate and avoid refrigerant leakage to water

Four-way reversing valve

Auto defrost allows operation under low temperature

Built-in water-return system

Turn on the tap, get hot water instantly, no minutes wait

Centrifugal fan

Produces higher pressure pushing air further

Wall-mount tank installation available

Space saving, and can use existing tank of electric water heater

Cloud control

Monitor and control the units easily anywhere anytime

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