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For over 20years' development, Tongyi has specialized in R&D and manufacturing a wide range of heat pumps,providing air source ,ground source , and dryer heat pumps. We will be happy to provide you with high quality,energy-saving ,eco-friendly,healthy,safe and comfortable heat pumps to meet your different applications,such as heat pump water heater, swimming pool heat pump,heat pump space heating through underfloor ,radiator or fan coil,heat pump dryer,and heat pump air conditioner. Most of our products are CE,EN14511,ETL certified or conform to applicable standards for different countries.Upon request we will not hesitate to apply for further certificates. 

As a leader and one of the largest professional heat pump manufacturers in China,we have a complete industrial chain,for example , the sheet metal parts,heat exchangrs including evaporators and condensers are all made in house or by our partners that we have a stake.It helps us better control the quality.optimize the performance easily and ensure on-time delivery. A lot of quality suppliers have established strategic development partnership with us,such as Emerson,Sanyo,and Panasonic.Compared with other manufactures,we are given priority when purchasing most of the key materials & parts.