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Congratulations to Tongyi Air Energy for winning two bids again--Shanxi Coal-to-Electricity Project

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-08-27 18:32:55
A few days ago, good news came from the frontline of Shanxi’s “coal to electricity conversion”. With strong corporate qualifications, excellent product quality, past successful cases and perfect after-sales service, Tongyi Air Energy won two consecutive bids and successfully won Shanxi Hejin in 2021. The winter clean heating (coal-to-electricity) transformation project provides local residents with air energy products, once again demonstrating to the society the strong influence and market competitiveness of the leading brand of air energy.

As a traditional "coal capital" and "coal province", Shanxi has spared no effort in promoting the implementation of "coal to electricity" in recent years. As one of my country's first air energy brands to enter the northern heating market, Tongyi Air Energy has also continued to make efforts in the "coal-to-electricity" market in recent years, and has now become the main force in the northern heating market. Only in the Shanxi market, Tongyi Air has a remarkable record. Not only did it provide air heating services for hundreds of scenes such as the Huguan Teachers’ Training School in Changzhi, Shanxi, Jinfang Life Home in Changzhi County, Changzhi Licheng County Sewage Treatment Plant, Daixian Flower Hotel, etc., but also won the Anyuan Coal Mine and Fengjia Nearly 20,000 square meters of heat pump heating renovation projects in the two major Shanxi backbone coal mines in Tan Coal Mine. It has been included in the list of "coal-to-electricity" heating equipment suppliers for many times in Shanxi, helping Shanxi to speed up the process of clean heating, and providing clean and clean air heating for hundreds of thousands of residents in Shanxi. It is the main force of the current Shanxi electric heating project. The brand has also contributed to the promotion of local clean heating work. The acquisition of the “coal-to-electricity” construction project for clean heating in the winter of 2021 in Hejin, Shanxi is also popular, and it will again contribute an important force to the “winning the blue sky defense war” in the north.

Next, Tongyi Air Energy will continue to hold high the banner of "energy saving and emission reduction", vigorously promote the clean heating in winter in the northern region, and help achieve the national "carbon neutral" and "carbon peak" goals, so the air thermal energy can be improved that  benefit for the society!