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High-efficiency and energy-saving, air-energy water heaters promote the improvement of residential quality

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-12-30 17:17:32
Since the large-scale entry of air energy water heaters into the market, “air energy for buildings” has become a highlight and selling point of real estate marketing. Air energy has helped build low-carbon and environmentally friendly housing and has successfully attracted a large number of home buyers. It is understood that Tongyi Air Energy, known as the "creator of air energy", has widely used its air energy equipment with its strong brand strength, professional technical solutions, abundant model engineering cases and good market reputation. Guiyang Shengquan Liuyun Garden, Huizhou Dongjiang Academy, Guangzhou Zengcheng Phoenix City, Tongxiang Gaoqiao Sunshine City, Hefei Urban Construction Amber Yubin Mansion and other real estate supporting projects have created energy-saving and comfortable domestic hot water experience for residents, and have received numerous praises. According to the feedback from the person in charge of the project, Tongyi Air Energy Water Heater has the following three advantages:

1. Efficient and stable, energy-saving and electricity-saving: The air-energy water heater uses the energy in the air for heating, saving more than 75% of energy. In a normal temperature environment, to produce the same amount of hot water, the electricity consumption of air energy water heaters is 1/4 of that of electric water heaters, 1/3 of gas water heaters, and 1/2 of solar water heaters. The water heater adopts an integrated high-efficiency hydrophilic aluminum foil heat exchanger, which greatly improves the high-efficiency heating performance of the hot water unit; it is equipped with Tongyi’s original sixth-generation micro-channel outer plate heat exchange technology, 3D Max omnidirectional three-dimensional heat exchange, greatly The heat exchange area is increased, the heat exchange efficiency is increased by 40%, and the energy saving effect is more obvious.

2. Intelligent operation, multi-point supply: The system operates intelligently to achieve a stable supply of hot water for 24 hours, which is hot when it is turned on. The new touch design is adopted, and the large fonts on the control panel are simplified and displayed, so that the elderly at home can easily use the water heater. Large-capacity design, more sufficient water, to ensure uninterrupted multi-channel water supply for bathrooms, kitchens, etc., and strive to create a smart and comfortable central hot water system.

3. Safety, health, and environmental protection: Air can be used as a new type of clean energy. The equipment does not emit any pollutants during operation, and there are no hidden safety hazards such as fire, explosion, and poisoning, making the room safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly. Tongyi air energy water heater is equipped with a smart child lock, which includes more than a dozen IP smart protection functions such as anti-dry burning, leakage protection, and automatic defrosting to ensure the safe use of family members. The unique dual-magnesium rod water purification design can effectively cope with complex water quality and make people's domestic hot water experience cleaner, healthier and more comfortable.

High-quality domestic hot water experience is the embodiment of people's high-quality and high-quality life. From the perspective of comprehensive energy saving, stability and safety, air energy is obviously the best choice. It provides people with a sustainable, healthy and comfortable home living environment and creates a green ecological residence, which is conducive to promoting the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.