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How to save dry skin? Windless air conditioner helps you deal with it easily

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-12-23 18:13:16
One of the characteristics of the climate in winter is the dry air. Coupled with the cold weather, many households use heating devices such as heaters or air conditioners to keep the skin dry. When the indoor relative humidity is lower than 40%, people are prone to symptoms such as dry mouth, eyes, ears and nose, dry skin, desquamation, and respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma. To change this situation, choosing the right heating equipment is particularly important. It is understood that based on people's pursuit of comfortable home furnishing, Tongyi Air can innovate and launch the "1+N" windless air-conditioning healthy and comfortable system to create a beautiful room environment with cold and warm air-free, constant temperature and humidity for people.

The room is not dry and the skin is more moisturized

Traditional air conditioners are generally fluorine machine systems. When heating, "hot air" is blown into the room. The high air supply temperature will increase the evaporation of water on the human skin surface, causing the skin to lose water and become dry and rough, resulting in large pores. , Skin aging and other phenomena. Tongyi Air can break through the limitations of traditional fluorine machine air conditioners. It uses floor conduction heating to deliver heat to the room. The indoor temperature is evenly distributed, the humidity is maintained well, and the human skin will feel moisturized and comfortable.

Refreshing humidity, solve the problem of wet summer and dry winter, bid farewell to air-conditioning disease

The comfortable indoor humidity range for the human body is 40%~60%. Traditional air conditioners are difficult to achieve precise control of humidity. When the indoor humidity is higher or lower than the human body's comfortable indoor humidity range, people will have a poor experience in the air-conditioned room and may also cause "air conditioning disease". Tongyi Air Energy's "1+N" windless air conditioning health and comfort system adopts a water system and uses cold and heat conduction technology to realize natural convection cooling and heating. It has a unique temperature and humidity adjustment, and the air is soft and the body feels comfortable. Whether it is in the dry winter or the rainy season of low temperature and high humidity, Tongyi Air can accurately regulate indoor humidity, solve the problem of wet summer and dry winter, effectively prevent the spread of germs, and let people say goodbye to air-conditioning diseases. Provide a healthy and comfortable home experience for the family.