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Air energy helps the development of green buildings

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-12-01 18:03:09
Global warming is imminent, and all countries are working hard to achieve carbon neutrality and achieve the goal of coexisting humans and ecology as soon as possible. Low-carbon emission reduction and protection of the earth’s homeland are our most important tasks at this stage and in the future. Have you acted?

With the increasing development of my country's economy and society, the level of urbanization has further improved, and my country's construction market is also in a relatively prosperous period, and the operating energy consumption and emissions of buildings will account for a larger proportion. At present, under the background of global carbon peak, carbon neutrality and low-carbon economy, coping with climate change and realizing the low-carbon development of green buildings have also become the requirements of national economic d
Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued an announcement on the national standard "General Specification for Building Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Utilization". This is the first mandatory project construction specification and will be implemented on April 21, 2022. The code mentions that new, expanded and rebuilt buildings, as well as the energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, should be designed for energy-saving, and corresponding building carbon emission standards should be set for new residential and public buildings.

In the transformation of energy-saving buildings, there is a direct relationship with carbon emissions in all aspects of building heating, domestic hot water, ventilation, and air conditioning. As an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, efficient, comfortable and safe green energy source, air-energy heat pumps are well suited to the requirements of energy-saving buildings, and will also play an increasingly important role in reducing building carbon emissions and promoting the development of green buildings.

Take building heating as an example. In the past, coal-fired boilers were used for heating in northern areas. Following the promotion of "coal-to-electricity", air-energy heat pumps have made great use of energy-saving and environmentally friendly advantages in building heating. Taking the heating of Jinfang Life Home Community in Changzhi County, Shanxi Province as an example, the project chose to use Tongyi Air Energy Floor Heating and Air Conditioning to heat the community 68,000 square meters after conducting multiple inspections and screenings. The person in charge of the project stated that an important reason for choosing Tongyi Air Energy is that its use in the north "coal-to-electricity" has a good response, and it has rich heating experience in many parts of the country, especially in the north, and trustworthy quality and service. After using the Tongyi air energy heat pump for heating, the room temperature of each family in the community can reach above 20℃, which is very warm, and there is no pollution such as carbon dioxide. The indoor can also maintain fresh air, and the owner’s living comfort has also been greatly improved. At the same time, it can maintain stable operation under low temperature conditions, and the heating cost is much lower than traditional heating methods. After a heating season, the heating cost per square meter is cheaper than municipal central heating, which reduces the economic burden for the owners. Very satisfied.

With the advancement of energy-saving building renovation work, air energy will also further contribute to the creation of ultra-low-energy buildings, and play a greater role in reducing building carbon emissions, improving air pollution, and improving and improving people's living environment and comfort.