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The United Nations has also begun to announce the use of new energy to replace coal, and has begun to act

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-12-15 18:08:50

The 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) ended in November in the United Kingdom. It is understood that on the eve of this meeting, APPLiA European Home Appliances Association, European Business Association (AEB-Russia), Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association (CESA-Australia), China Household Electrical Appliances Association, Korea Electronics Information and Communication Industry Promotion Association, South Africa Home Appliances The Electrical Appliances Association jointly signed and issued a statement listing the key recommendations made by the home appliance industry in order to achieve the goals set by the United Nations and address climate change.

It mentioned that the principle of “energy efficiency first” should be adhered to: When formulating decarbonization plans, the authorities of various countries should give priority to and adopt measures to reduce energy demand. In order to achieve the EU's new climate goals, more advanced new technologies, such as heat pump technology, need to be deployed on a large scale. Some equipment that will play a key role in achieving the EU's new climate goals in 2030 and 2050 still require the use of fluorinated gases, such as heat pumps that provide heating, cooling and sanitary hot water for homes. It is also mentioned that it is necessary to deploy heat pump-based technology to ensure reliable and comfortable heating and hot water for the home. At the same time, this is also the key to reducing the EU's greenhouse gas emissions, and it helps to achieve the building decarbonization requirements of the "European Green Agreement" and the energy infrastructure decarbonization requirements proposed in the "Energy System Integration Strategy", such as the demand side Flexibility.

With the end of the United Nations Climate Conference, we can see the huge harm caused by global warming, and the world's great emphasis on "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality". It is foreseeable that heat pumps will play a more important role in the energy revolution of the low-carbon energy transition in the future, and will make greater contributions to the promotion of energy conservation, emission reduction and climate change. As Academician Jiang Yi said in the report "Development Opportunities for the Heat Pump Industry under the Dual-Carbon Goals": "With the overall promotion of heat pumps, heat pumps used in different regions and fields will also produce changes and progress. Therefore, the overall Promote technology in various fields of industry and construction, and promote technological progress."

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