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Air-energy constant temperature swimming pool heat pump, that make you not afraid cold when you swim in winter

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-11-25 15:32:01
As a whole body sport, swimming is known as the "king of sports". Not only can it avoid the damage that regular exercise may cause to human joints, but also has many health benefits, suitable for all ages. Regular swimming exercise can improve the cardiovascular system, improve the function of the respiratory system, strengthen the blood circulation of the skin, improve the mechanism of body temperature regulation, and enhance the resistance. At the same time, it can also lose weight and body shape. However, in the cold winter, people have a lot of concerns about swimming: Will swimming in winter be susceptible to colds? Is the pool water cold? In fact, in order to give people a better sports experience, many swimming pools are now upgraded with heated swimming pools.

At present, when most swimming pools on the market are designed, the water body of the swimming pool is generally heated in various ways, and the temperature of the pool water is kept between 26℃-28℃. This is the swimming pool water temperature suitable for the human body. In the past, many swimming pools liked to use low-cost coal-fired boilers to keep the temperature of the pool water constant. However, this method has disadvantages such as high pollution, low efficiency, and high risk. Moreover, as the country attaches importance to clean and environmental protection issues in recent years, the use of coal-fired boilers has been banned in many places. Therefore, many swimming pools have turned their attention to other safer, environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient heating equipment. Air-energy heat pumps came into being, with their high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and other advantages, they have become the preferred heating equipment for constant temperature swimming pools.

It is understood that the air energy heat pump converts low-grade heat energy in the air into high-grade heat energy, which is used to heat the swimming pool water at a constant temperature, so it only needs one part of electric energy to convert into four parts of heat energy, operating cost Greatly reduced. At the same time, the air energy heat pump equipment will not emit any toxic and harmful gases when it is running, which is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also free of potential safety hazards such as fire, explosion, and poisoning. In addition, the Tongyi air-energy swimming pool constant temperature heat pump unit used in the swimming pool of the Shenzhen Universiade is equipped with a triple disinfection and filtration protection system of disinfection and pH adjustment system, sand tank filter, and hair collector, which guarantees the clean and hygienic swimming pool water. It reduces the workload of staff, reduces the possibility of equipment damage, protects subsequent normal work, and saves maintenance costs and labor costs for the swimming pool.

The temperature-controlled swimming pool is now a basic accessory for most swimming pools. Those who want to swim don't have to worry about the cold water in winter.