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Why are air energy heat pumps so popular in the clean energy transformation market?

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-11-18 17:32:56
Since the advancement of the northern clean heating project, the air energy heat pump is undoubtedly the most dazzling protagonist. In recent documents issued in many places in my country, most of them mentioned the development of clean energy heating according to local conditions and the promotion of heat pumps and other technical applications. It is understood that Tongyi Air Energy, known as the "air energy creator", relies on its strong brand strength, professional technical solutions, rich sample project examples, reliable after-sales service, and good market reputation. The products are widely used in global market. They have become the backbone of the clean heating projects in the north and have been unanimously affirmed by the government and the people. Why does the clean energy transformation market favor air energy heat pumps so much? Because compared with other heating methods.

Tongyi air energy heat pump has the following advantages:

1. High efficiency and energy saving.
The air energy heat pump uses the heat in the air to generate heat energy. In a normal temperature environment, it consumes 1KW of electricity and can generate 4KW of heat! The energy efficiency ratio is as high as 4.0, which is equivalent to using 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity to provide 4 times the heat.

2. Safety and environmental protection.
Air energy is a popular new type of clean energy. The unit does not emit any pollutants during operation, which meets the requirements of national environmental protection policies. The air-energy heat pump does not use gas, coal, oil, open flames, and separate water and electricity, so there are no safety hazards such as fire, explosion, poisoning, and electric shock.

3. Low operating cost.
According to user statistics, air energy heat pump heating costs are 30-50% less than central heating, and the highest cost will not exceed the local central heating costs. Compared with air-conditioning heating, it can save 2/3 of the cost, and compared with gas wall-hung boiler heating, it can save 1/2 of the cost.

4. Cold and warm without wind, more comfortable.
When the Tongyi air energy heat pump is used for heating, the temperature gradient from the sole of the foot to the head gradually decreases in the room, which gives people a comfortable feeling of warming the feet and cooling the head. It conforms to the traditional Chinese medicine concept of "warm feet and cool the roof", especially suitable for the elderly With children; when cooling, the equipment uses water as the medium, which can control the temperature and humidity within the comfortable range of the human body, the air supply is soft and not dry, the temperature in the whole room is uniform, and the cold and warm without wind are more comfortable.

5. Wide adaptability.
Compared with solar energy, air energy heat pumps are not affected by factors such as weather and environment. Compared with traditional air conditioners, air-energy floor heating air conditioners solve the shortcomings of poor low-temperature heating effect. Even in an environment of minus 30 ℃, Tongyi air-energy floor heating air conditioners can operate stably, meeting the winter heating demand in most areas of northern my country.

6. Stable temperature.
The air-energy heat pump is a heating device that uses a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor, and uses the circulation of the refrigerant to produce heat from the air. Its thermal stability is good, so as to maximize the constant indoor temperature. Intelligent defrosting technology ensures a good heating effect and makes heating in winter worry-free.

7. Intelligent operation.
The air-energy heat pump has a built-in microcomputer safety system. As long as the user sets it up for the first time when using it, the heat pump will automatically perform water replenishment, heating, power off, heat preservation, and heating work according to the outdoor temperature and hot water situation of the water tank without manual duty. It solves the trouble of frequent coal filling and cinder dumping for coal-fired boilers, and it is safe and sanitary.

8. Long service life.
The pipes used for air-energy floor heating and air-conditioning are buried in the ground, and are not scaled, not easy to be corroded, and there is no risk of damage by no one, and the service life is synchronized with the building.

Tongyi air energy heat pump can not only provide household heating for household users, but also provide centralized heating and cooling for office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, office buildings and other places. Its engineering cases are blooming everywhere and are favored by the majority of users.