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Tongyi’s Events

1999, Tongyi was established and launched products.


2000, Successfully R&D high efficiency air conditioner and small oxygen-bar air conditioner which obtained patent one year earlier than competitor companies.


2001, Tongyi was ISO 9001 certified.


2002, Products are CE CB certified and exported to Europe.


2004, Launched the first patented heat pump air conditioner in China, and successfully R&D water storage-type double circulation high efficiency heat exchanger, high efficiency heat pump water heater and awarded national patent.


2005, denominated the name of “Air Source Heat Pump” Water Heater in Chinese “Kong Qi Neng” Water Heater in China, recognized by the industry.


2006, launched Huangpu Academe Training Course for training talents in project and after-sales department.


2007, Joined in the National Standard of Heat Pump Water Heater Drafting Committee.


2009, Awarded the top 10 brands of heat pumps in China.


2010, Obtained deflector-type heat dissipation device patent and triple-function heat pump patent.


2012, The first round of companies qualified for the rebate program of Energy-saving Products Waste Management launched by the government in this field.


2014, Awarded the top 10 brands of heat pumps in China.


2015 New series of DC inverter heat pump made great success in bout domestic and overseas market.At the same time,Tongyi launched 2-year plan for IPO process.

2017 Establishing Tongyi Air Source Research Institute 

2020Create more glory

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