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84KW 1806L/h Large capacity Air to water Hot Water Heater

Model Number:KX800SE
Heating Capacity:84 KW
Application:hotels,school and other large buildings,which need large water volume supply.
Type: Air Source Heat Pump
Installation: Freestanding
Housing Material: Galvanized steel /anti-rusting stoving varni

84KW 1806L/h Large capacity Air to water Hot Water Heater  Applications

This series is the best choice for hot water supply of commercial project,such as hotels,school and other large buildings,which need large water volume supply.Circulating heat pump is connected to water tank with separate water pump, it will supply hot water and store in water tank but not directly to end facilities in case of different water demands.

Key Features 
User-friendly Display
The display on the unit is with a 5-inch touch color screen which is quite easy for the users to operate. 

Reliable Water Temperature Outlet
The max. outlet water temperature of the unit is up to 60oC, always supplying reliable and sufficient hot water.
The system runs safely, steadily and reliably thanks to our full protection: high temperature protection, compressor overload & overheat protection, power phase sequence & over/under voltage protection,etc.

Flexible Installation
The Cuboid shape modu le design of the unit makes the project installation saving more space.

Remote control
BMS contact point / modbus support(with RS485) to cloud, realize remote control function optional
Low noise and vibration 
Auto-defrosting program 


Model No.


Standard configuration


Copeland Scroll compressor

Heat exchanger

Co-axial heat exchanger (tube-in-tube)

Expansion valve

Saginomiya /sanhua EEV


AUTO -defrosting (reversing)

Technical specification


Heating capacity (KW)




Test condition: ambient temperature DB20℃/WB15℃,to heat initial water water temperature from 15℃to 55℃。

Main Parts

High-performance FM
It use outer rotor axial flow silent fan with five-leaf balanced aluminum alloy wind wheel. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, large air volume and low noise.

Patent louvered casing

Tongyi’s patent louvered casing can better for waterproof,windproof and dust-proof. Patent no.:CN201030670236.9.

EEV,precise flow control
Wide working temperature range, faster and more accurate refrigerant flow control than capillary and mechanical expansion valve. Best choice to achieve higher efficiency and energy-saving.

World famous scoll compressor
world famous scroll compressor with low energy consumption and high energy efficiency output, which effectively shortens the heating water time and double extend the useful life of the unit.


Unique hyfrophilic fin coil heat exchanger,large amount for air inlet
Air exchangers(fin-coil)with hydrophilic coating are strongly anti-corrosive and perform at high efficiency.