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DC Inverter Heat Pump for house heating and cooling

DC Inverter heat pump is the best energy saving solution for
house heating and domestic hot water. With the latest
Japanese DC inverter technology, the heat pump unit can
save 30% electricity than normal on/off heat pump unit in
practical operatio

Wifi controller  
ErP instruction standard    
With built-in water pump(to save local instruction labor cost) 

High-performance FM
It use ABS wind wheel. It has the advantages of corrosion resistance, large air volume and low noise.

EEV,precise flow control
Wide working temperature range, faster and more accurate refrigerant flow control than capillary and mechanical expansion valve. Best choice to achieve higher efficiency and energy-saving. 

World famous  DC inverter rotor  compressor
Use industry-leading variable frequency rotor compressor, high efficiency and low noise. Full DC heating and cooling inverter design, comfortable and energy-saving.

Unique hyfrophilic fin coil heat exchanger,large amount for air inlet
Air exchangers(fin-coil)with hydrophilic coating are strongly anti-corrosive and perform at high efficiency.

Plate heat exchanger
It has the advantages of small volume, high heat transfer efficiency, flexible assembly, small heat loss, balanced heating and cooling, etc. 

DC inverter drive PCB

DC inverter pump
Low noise, high efficiency, simple installation

BLDC Motor
 No carbon brush, long life
 High efficiency and stable operation