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Tongyi- #heatpumpwaterheater #heatpump supplier

Tongyi- #heatpumpwaterheater #heatpump supplier

Tongyi- #heatpumpwaterheater #heatpump supplier

Company News

Tongyi and Panasonic Join Forces for Innovation in Air to Water Technology

Comparing R32 and R290 Air to Water Tongyi Heat Pumps

Chinese New Year Holiday Notice - February 9-16

MCE Milan Invitation: Beyond Comfort, Towards Sustainability: Powering Tomorrow with TONGYI Heat Pump Technology for heating and cooling

Tongyi Huangpu Military Academy training class enters Europe, and professional training strengthens the connection between brand and consumers

Congratulations to Tongyi Air Energy for signing a cooperation with Sunamp, the world's leading PCM thermal storage company, to jointly shape the futu

Challenging zero failure will push the air energy heat pump industry into a new track of high-quality development

Tongyi air energy saves thousands of miles and travels abroad to help the green development of the heat pump industry

Tongyi Air Energy New Product Sharing Conference and Ningjin HVAC Technology Exchange Conference ended successfully

The International Environmental Protection Expo opens in Hong Kong, and Tongyi shines with its leading achievements in air source heat pump technology

Industry News

Don't waste your energy! How heat pumps reuse waste heat in industry

Renewable heating and cooling in Spain: What does the future hold?

F-Gas Regulation: EU risks undermining its own climate and energy security goals

Winter is approaching and natural gas prices are skyrocketing. How should European residents spend this winter?

the Energy Transition : European Pioneers and Global

Germany has officially passed the new heating bill, and China's heat pump exports have once again seen good news.

German heating law: watered down but end goal unchanged

IEA HPT TCP: Under the International Energy Agency's net-zero emission scenario, the installation of heat pumps in the global industrial sector will b

Will these air conditioners and heat pumps be completely banned under a new EU law?

Germany's new bill is introduced, and Tongyi Air Energy helps Europe's energy transition

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