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Tongyi- #heatpumpwaterheater #heatpump supplier

Tongyi- #heatpumpwaterheater #heatpump supplier

Tongyi- #heatpumpwaterheater #heatpump supplier

Company News

A resounding success European Heat Pump Summit reunites the heat pump community in Nuremberg

Tongyi Association's new products appeared at the technical application exchange meeting of Hebei Tongyi Air Source Huangpu Military Academy

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Helping healthy breathing, fresh air industry usher in new opportunities?

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Industry News

Which Countries Are Winning the European Heat Pump Race

Europe’s booming demand for heat pumps exposes bottlenecks

REPowerEU: heat pump strategy required to help sector deliver

Good news! Tongyi Air Source won the top 100 national brands in China's heating industry in 2022

Six "blue oceans" in the HVAC industry in 2022

Heat pump export "blowout growth"! Opportunities for the heat pump industry can be expected!

In 2021, the heat pump market will exceed 21 billion yuan! The market potential of air energy heat pump is huge!

Continuously increase carbon emission reduction efforts, and encourage the use of green new energy such as Air to Water heat pump

Will the Russia-Ukraine conflict affect China's energy supply?

Russia-Ukraine conflict, international crude oil and natural gas rise! Europe's future heating is being affected

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