TONGYI - Professional heat pump manufacturer

TONGYI Heat Pump is established in 1999, is one of the earliest and most professional manufacture of heat pumps in China.
As a national high-tech enterprise, TONGYI Heat Pump specialized on heat pump R&D, manufacturing and providing comprehensive energy-saving solutions based on heat pump products.

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Over 20 years of heat pump Experience Over 20 years of heat pump Experience Over 1 million of users Over 1 million of users 15+ days shortest lead time 15+ days shortest lead time 45K+ monthly heat pump capacity 45K+ monthly heat pump capacity
Certificate Certification

We have CE, RED, LVD, EMC, ROHS, ISO, SG Ready and other EU standard qualification certification, and have entered the BAFA subsidy directory

Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate

Quality is taken into account since product design through the whole product life-cycle.With professional design procedure, simulation and over 30 type test, from incoming parts inspection to out-going heat pump inspection during production.

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With Research center, product design department and product engineering team, we have technical talents with over 20+ years in heat pump, the development is managed by PLM(Production Lifecycle Management system) with design procedure.

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With IoT, TONGYI heat pump provides in time support for every global user, we also provide regular training and certification to our partners for better onsite service, service center is also planned in countries with skilled engineer for professional support.

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Delivery Delivery

Through the integrated supply chain and strategic suppliers, support lean production and the application of ERP, MES and other information systems, so as to provide Tongyi heat pump with higher production efficiency and better delivery cycle.

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OEM/ODM 22 years of R & D and manufacturing of heat pump products, we can provide OEM/ODM services to our customers.
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Integrated supply chain

As a leader and one of the largest professional heat pump manufactures in China,TONGYI heat pump have an integrated supply chain system, for example , the sheet metal parts , heat exchangers including evaporators and condensers are all made in house or by our partners that we have a stake. It helps us better control the quality,optimize the performance easily and ensure on-time delivery. A lot of quality supplies have established strategic cooperative partnership with TONGYI and give us priority when purchasing most of the key material & parts.

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