Why Does DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump Become Popular?

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Author : Bonnie
Update time : 2021-01-04 15:59:24

Air source heat pump (also called ASHP), is a new type of hot water and house heating pump, popular among people all over the world because of its safety, high efficiency, energy saving and convenience. Of all the different categories of ASHP, DC inverter heat pump has become the most popular type.


The prevalence of DC inverter air source heat pumps is also due to the market demand. No matter which region, the climate and ambient temperature will change at any time within 365 days of a year. Under different temperatures, people's demand for hot water and house heating will naturally be different. Non-inverter heat pump is also commonly known as the "ordinary" on/off heat pump. The compressor of this type of heat pump cannot adjust the frequency, but only operates at a single frequency, which is not flexible enough. DC inverter air source heat pumps can change the frequency of the compressor because of the addition of a frequency inverter in the equipment to transform the compressor. It is more adaptable to the complex environment.



Take cold areas for example, house heating at -10℃ ambient temperature may require 50℃ hot water, so the heat pump compressor will need to run at full load, and if the temperature is only 0℃, the heating may only need 35℃ hot water. According to the data, in some places, the cold weather with ambient temperature lower than -10℃ lasts for less than 10% of days in a year. That is to say, most of the time, ASHP does not need to be fully operated. On/off heat pump units are unable to change the operating frequency of their compressors, so they cost more electricity.


If choosing a DC inverter air to water heat pump, we can solve this problem completely. There are two built-in modes inside the heat pump unit: the energy-saving mode and the fast heating mode. Under the energy-saving mode, the compressor operates at a lower frequency, which can achieve the maximum power-saving effect. Under the fast heating mode, the heat pump runs at a high frequency, and hot water production can be fulfilled in a short time.