180L-260L R410A Monoblock Air to Water Heat Pump

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Author : Bonnie
Update time : 2020-11-23 08:57:49

180L-260L R410A Monoblock Air to Water Heat Pump Applications

Monobloc heat pump with special integrated design, is the best choice for sanitary hot water supply. You can place it in both indoor basement/kitchen and outdoor balcony with simple installation. The heating efficiency is 3 time higher than traditional gas/electrical water heater,which will obviously save your cost.


Model No.

KR23/150DNW-D6  & KR23/200DN1W-D6 & KR23/250DN1W-D6

Standard configuration


Rotary compressor

Heat exchanger

Cooper tube coil heat exchanger 

Expansion valve

Saginomiya /sanhua EEV


AUTO -defrosting (reversing)

Technical specification


operation ambient temp.

-7℃ - 43℃



Test condition: ambient temperature DB20℃/WB15℃,to heat initial water water temperature from 15℃to 55℃。