Continuously increase carbon emission reduction efforts, and encourage the use of green new energy such as Air to Water heat pump

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2022-04-12 17:31:57

In recent years, in order to control environmental pollution and reduce carbon emissions, the national policy has continued to increase the clean energy heating industry, and continue to provide policy and financial support. . Among the electric heating methods, Air to Water Heat Pumps stand out in the heating field by virtue of the advantages of environmental protection, safety, energy saving and high efficiency, and play an active role in reducing carbon emissions.

It is understood that the air source heat pump is a kind of clean and renewable energy. It only consumes electric energy and heat energy in the air during operation, without the emission of pollutants, which is clean and safe. In the normal temperature environment, 1 part of electricity consumption can be converted into 3~4 parts of heat, which saves about 70% of energy consumption compared with conventional energy heating, and is energy-saving and efficient. It is favored by the public in the heating links in many fields.

In terms of agricultural greenhouses, Tongyi air source heat pump unit is used for heating of a flower greenhouse in Shandong to meet the heating needs of flower greenhouses. The unit is an automatic heating equipment that can automatically heat up around the clock. After on-site testing, under the working condition of minus 15 ℃, the indoor temperature is kept at 20 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, and the daily energy consumption is only 30 kWh, which effectively guarantees the warmth of flowers in winter and improves the survival rate of flowers. Reduce the loss of flowers due to low temperature. Farmers can adjust the temperature at any time, effectively ensuring that the temperature environment of the greenhouse is always in the most suitable range for plant growth.

In terms of heating of hot spring baths, in the past, most of the baths used coal-fired boilers for heating, which caused serious pollution to the environment for hot spring baths. abandon. Take the hot spring bath in Yulongsha Lake Tourist Scenic Spot as an example. The hot spring bath is located in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. It is a national 4A-level scenic spot. The annual temperature difference and daily temperature difference are large. Tongyi Air Source Ultra-low temperature swimming pool constant temperature heat pump, the temperature of the open-air hot spring pool is set at 38°C~42°C, there are 12 large and small pools in total, the total pool water capacity is 290 cubic meters, and 15 sets of 25 ultra-low temperature hot spring heat pumps provide the initial temperature for the pools. Heating and constant temperature is one of the representative projects of using heat pumps to provide hot springs in the northern region, and deserts can also soak in hot springs.

With the approach of the "3060" dual-carbon goal, various industries have continuously strengthened their efforts to reduce carbon emissions. While promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, air-source heat pumps will further promote the development of green and clean energy.