Six "blue oceans" in the HVAC industry in 2022

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2022-05-11 17:19:48

In 2022, the road to change in the HVAC industry has already begun. Although a new round of "price increases" is surging and the impact of inflation, epidemic and other factors, with the successful holding of the "two sessions" and the "double carbon goal" The continuous implementation of the continuous implementation of the HVAC industry, the deepening of the layout of HVAC enterprises and other active actions, the favorable space and development opportunities released by the major segments of the industry are still clearly visible. In this issue, we conduct in-depth research on industry subdivisions, and analyze hot market analysis such as "East Number and West Calculation", "Dual Carbon", Clean Heating, Cold Chain Logistics, Comfortable Home Furnishing, and Air Source Heat Pump Drying.

"East Number and West Calculation":  setting off a big boom in 2022

 In 2022, following the "South-to-North Water Diversion", "West-to-East Electricity Transmission" and "West-to-East Gas Transmission", another national-level super project - "East Number and West Calculation" was officially launched. It is obvious that the national integrated data The central system will bring more development opportunities and exploration space for HVAC enterprises.

As we all know, the data center industry chain is long, covers a wide range of categories, and has a large driving effect. Therefore, industrial chains such as civil engineering, IT equipment manufacturing, information communication, basic software, and green energy supply will usher in a big business explosion in the "East and West" project. As the underlying infrastructure of the data center, the HVAC refrigeration system will usher in a new round of market growth driven by the "East and West" project.

It is worth mentioning that the "Three-Year Action Plan for the Development of New Data Centers (2021-2023)" previously issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also clearly mentioned that by the end of 2023, the average annual growth rate of the national data center rack scale will remain at about 20%. . Against the background of the growing demand for data center construction, it will further drive the market demand for computer room air conditioners in China.

"Double carbon": striding forward

 2022 is the third year after the "Double Carbon" goal was put forward, and during the "two sessions" this year, the topic of "Double Carbon" attracted much attention, and there were many constructive opinions with practical significance.

At the same time, the heat pump combined power supply in the south, the "coal-to-electricity" in the north, the wide application of magnetic levitation, the rapid development of high-efficiency computer room systems, etc., can all show that the current HVAC industry has made great strides. On the road to double carbon".

It is foreseeable that with the continuous implementation of the "dual carbon" goal and the deepening of the layout of HVAC companies, the HVAC industry will not only be driven towards more efficient and energy-saving products and solutions, but will also bring new innovations. Once the technological innovation of the wheel is achieved, it will undoubtedly have a broader market prospect.

Cleaning and heating: still important

In this year's "Government Work Report", clean heating still occupies an important position. The report clarifies that it is necessary to continue to strengthen ecological environment governance, strengthen comprehensive air pollution control and joint prevention and control, and strengthen the coordinated control of fine particulate matter and ozone, and the clean heating rate in the northern region will reach 70%.

Coincidentally, the website of the Ministry of Finance recently released a report on the draft central and local budgets for 2022. The "Report" pointed out that the central government's air pollution prevention and control funds will be allocated 30 billion yuan, an increase of 2.5 billion yuan, and 20 new winter clean heating subsidies in northern regions. Support cities and further expand the scope of clean heating support.