The frontier of science and technology: air conditioners will enter the "no wind" era

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-09-18 18:08:06
The advent of air conditioners has improved the temperature conditions of human indoor life and made a huge contribution to human work and life. However, with the improvement of human living standards, the requirements for the comfort of air conditioners are getting higher and higher, and traditional air conditioners can no longer fully satisfy people's pursuit of high comfort. The hot and cold wind makes people feel uncomfortable, and the breeding of Legionella in the air conditioner has become a major enemy of indoor air. Therefore, the windless air conditioner has become the pursuit of high comfort and the dream of comfortable life.

Based on in-depth observation of users' psychology, status and needs, Tongyi Air Energy, known as the "creator of air energy", has innovatively launched the core solution of "1+N" airless air-conditioning health and comfort system, which improves the "cold air" Straight-forward” this consumer pain point, let people say goodbye to the annoyance of “air-conditioning disease”.

It is understood that Tongyi's "1+N" windless air-conditioning health and comfort system is a new generation of high-comfort air-conditioning system that subverts traditional air-conditioning. It is mainly used to realize natural convection cooling and heating by means of cold and heat conduction. The biggest feature is "no wind in cold and warm, bid farewell to air-conditioning disease." At the same time, adopting the "1+N" modular design concept, on the basis of windless air conditioning, it is equipped with various functional modules such as fresh air, dehumidification and purification. Its healthy and comfortable product characteristics have become the pursuit of a better life. Since its inception, it has brought the ultimate comfort experience to countless families and truly solved the pain points of users.

Every step of scientific and technological exploration comes from people's pursuit and love for healthy life. The disruptive innovative technology of Tongyi Air's windless air-conditioning has not only established the core competitiveness for the Tongyi brand, but more importantly, it has created a more powerful growth momentum for the heat pump industry. With Tongyi Air Energy's windless air-conditioning, the future update direction of the air-conditioning industry will lead the air-conditioning into the "no-wind" era!