Air-energy Heat pump assist for the National Olympic Games

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2022-02-11 17:00:51
Less than a month before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, more than 400 athletes from 29 national training teams for ice and snow events are making all-out preparations for the final sprint towards the goal of "achieving the best results in the history of my country's Winter Olympics". At the same time, the eyes of netizens focused on the training place of the Olympic athletes - the national ice and snow sports training and scientific research base, and praised it for "breathing" using the ubiquitous air energy.

This simple modern industrial-style building is a building complex that integrates speed skating halls, gymnasiums, sports comprehensive wind tunnels, six-degree-of-freedom training halls, rehabilitation medical centers (swimming pools) and other venues. It is considered to be the world's top building. ice and snow sports base. Among them, the speed skating hall, which was first built and completed, has the largest volume. It not only has 12,000 square meters of ice surface with the same scale and the same technology as the "Ice Ribbon", but also adheres to the same green environmental protection concept. Air energy is everywhere.

According to the person in charge of the base, "the use of air energy to heat the venue management room can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 100 tons per year." Air energy, also known as air energy heat pump, absorbs low-temperature heat in the air and passes through The medium is vaporized, then compressed by the compressor, pressurized and heated, and then converted into the feed water for heating by the heat exchanger. According to statistics, the annual average thermal efficiency ratio of air energy water heaters is 4 times that of electric heating. "Just like we breathe in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide every day, speed skating halls also 'breathe', using the ubiquitous air energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

In fact, as early as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, among the 69 new energy technologies adopted by the Olympic venues, the air-energy heat pump technology has been well applied in the Bird's Nest. It is understood that Tongyi Air Energy, known as the "creator of air energy", provides the Bird's Nest with energy saving and stability with its strong brand strength, professional technical solutions, high-quality product performance and rich model engineering cases. , Low energy consumption hot water guarantee. It is reported that as the largest environment-friendly stadium in the world so far, the Bird's Nest is a super-large steel structure sports facility project with the largest scale, the largest amount of steel, the highest technical content, the most complex structure and unprecedented construction difficulty in the world. The use of air energy is even more important. Reflecting its environmental protection and green concept in details, the Beijing Olympic Games, which is a green Olympic Games, has won more applause full of moving and appreciation in today's increasingly scarce resources in modern society.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has entered a critical stage of a full-scale sprint and a decisive victory. Air energy and other cutting-edge technologies help ensure the scientific training of the national team in ice and snow events, and escort the Olympic athletes!