Natural gas soars in Europe, and air energy heat pumps usher in a new opportunity

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2022-01-26 17:42:42
At present, the cold winter has come, and the heating demand in Europe has greatly increased, but the price of natural gas in Europe has continued to soar in this cold winter. According to a report by Reuters, compared with the beginning of 2021, the basic price of natural gas in Europe has increased by more than 800%. Although it has dropped compared with December, it is still high, and it is still five or six times the level before the beginning of the year. Under the shortage of energy in Europe and the skyrocketing price of natural gas, for many European families, the cost of heating has increased significantly.

In the energy heating system, natural gas, as a clean energy for winter heating, has always played an important role in the European winter heating season. It is understood that the price of natural gas has remained high or will become the norm since 2020. Coupled with the European gas shortage that occurred some time ago, the surge in electricity prices caught many European residents by surprise. This is not only a microcosm of the energy shortage, but also reflects from the side that in the heating system, the use of other clean and renewable energy for heating and the realization of low-carbon transformation of energy play an important role in alleviating the contradiction between energy supply and demand.

In recent years, in the realization of low-carbon transformation of energy, air energy heat pump, as a clean and renewable energy, can obtain 4 heat energy for every 1 electricity consumed in normal temperature environment. The price is lower, and it is favored by the public during the heating season. It is understood that with the development and promotion of air energy, people pay more and more attention to the application of air energy heat pump equipment in heating, hot water, etc. Air energy heat pump technology is considered to be the best alternative to combustion heating and realize the conversion of electricity to heat It is also an important supporting technology to achieve carbon neutrality.

In the context of global carbon neutrality, as a clean and renewable energy source, air-to-energy heat pumps face good opportunities in the heating market, and will also play an active role in reducing carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality goals.