Indonesia's ban on coal exports sparks global anxiety, what is the "strategic plan" behind it

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2022-01-18 14:14:37
In the context of global carbon reduction, coal companies' willingness to add new production capacity has declined, and there has been a structural imbalance between thermal power and green power. The tight balance between coal supply and demand has become a global problem. Under this circumstance, Indonesia, the world's largest exporter of thermal coal, recently announced that in order to alleviate the shortage of domestic coal supply, it will stop coal exports from January 1 to January 31, 2022 to avoid domestic power shortages. It restricts coal exports without prior negotiation and consultation, which may lead to higher international coal prices and price fluctuations in the international coal market.

Data show that Indonesia's coal production in 2021 is about 588 million tons, and it is expected to reach 644 million tons in 2022. According to historical data, about three-quarters of Indonesia's coal production is exported, and the largest markets include China, Japan, South Korea and India. 45% of the coal was exported to China, 15% to India, 8% to Japan, 7% to the Philippines and 5% to South Korea. Indonesia is my country's main source of thermal coal imports. Affected by it, my country's thermal coal futures prices opened sharply higher on the first trading day of 2022. Indonesia's actions have raised concerns about whether the "coal super crazy" will be repeated.

Professionals have analyzed that a substantial reduction in imports in the short term will cause market volatility, but domestic adjustments can be made to ease market volatility. If the import volume is greatly reduced for a long time and it is difficult to replace it, it is possible to affect the supply and demand relationship of the domestic coal market. In the medium and long term, under the dual carbon goal, the country will actively promote energy transformation and encourage the use of clean energy, and the proportion of coal in primary energy consumption will continue to decrease. In recent years, my country has continuously promoted coal-to-electricity projects, promoted the optimization of energy production and consumption structure and low-carbon transformation, and vigorously promoted the application of new clean energy such as air energy. Local governments have vigorously supported technologies such as new energy storage, heat pumps, and integrated smart energy systems. application, explore and promote comprehensive energy services, and improve energy utilization efficiency.

For ordinary people, rising coal prices will not only bring economic burdens, but may even cause living difficulties without coal available in winter. With the advancement of coal-to-electricity conversion and the promotion and application of air-energy heat pumps, energy-saving and electricity-saving air-energy heating equipment has gradually become the first choice for heating in winter. It is understood that the heat of air heating comes from the low-grade heat in the air, and only a small amount of electric drive can be used for safe heating. The heating efficiency of traditional coal-fired is only about 70%~80%, while the heating efficiency of air energy heat pump can be far higher than that of coal, up to 400% in normal temperature environment, which saves people a lot of expenses for heating in winter. In addition, the air-energy heat pump equipment does not emit any pollutants during operation, and there are no safety hazards such as fire, explosion, poisoning, etc., which is very environmentally friendly and safe, promotes the prevention and control of local air pollution, and improves air quality.

It is understood that Tongyi Air Energy, known as the "creator of air energy", is the backbone of the clean heating project in the north. Its energy-saving and environmentally friendly air energy products are widely used in "coal coal" in Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi, Shandong and other regions. The project, which is not only efficient and energy-saving, but also safe and environmentally friendly, has been unanimously affirmed by the government and the people. In addition, Tongyi Air Energy applies heat pump technology research and development to the fields of industrial and agricultural drying, constant temperature breeding, green building, complementary energy and other fields, making great contributions to the realization of the dual-carbon goal and the green and low-carbon transformation and development.