Buda: Recipients of heat pumps will receive support due to rising electricity prices

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Update time : 2022-10-07 17:52:18
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Recipients of heat pumps will receive compensation due to rising electricity prices, they will be the same as for other fuels, said Waldemar Buda, the head of MRiT. Hospitals and schools can also count on help - he added. He announced that the appropriate solution would be ready in a few or several days.
The minister of development and technology, Waldemar Buda, was asked on Wednesday in wpolityce.pl whether, in connection with the introduction of a limit of energy consumption of up to 2000 kWh per year, for which electricity consumers will be able to apply for financial support, people with, for example, heat pumps, will suffer.
For an increase in the limit of "cheap electricity" for households heated by a heat pump, among others, Polish Smog Alert.
As the minister said, "those who have a heat pump and people who heat themselves electrically, this is an exceptional case." "And here an addition will be provided, as for any other fuel (...). At the level of support of 40% in the estimated cost of this raw material" - said Waldemar Buda.
He added that 61 percent. of households in Poland is below the limit of 2000 kWh.
When asked whether the limit entitling to the surcharge applies to the electricity meter, or to the person for whom there is a contract with the energy supplier, Buda replied: "The meter - in my opinion - the separate one, should give the right to count this limit separately. are still taking shape (...), we should move towards a separate limit for each numerator ".
Asked whether the government is working on solutions that will reduce the costs associated with high electricity prices, for example for hospitals or schools, the minister ensured that a solution was prepared for them, which would be based on their current consumption. "Up to a certain level of consumption, this price will be guaranteed. Soon these regulations will be presented by the Ministry of Climate. We are working on these solutions together. It is a few or several days. This solution needs to be refined" - said Buda.
Last week, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki informed that the government is working on the "Solidarity Shield", which freezes electricity prices for households in 2023 at the level from 2022 to a consumption of 2000 kWh per year.