Most Energy Saving, Best Warm Water!

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Author : Bonnie
Update time : 2020-12-07 09:55:22
                                                                    Most Energy Saving, Best Warm Water!

Winter came, the weather became very cold! Many outdoor swimming pools closed due to the low water temperature. People can not enjoy swimming and stop such a healty sport as the swimming pools close in cold weather seasons.

Tongyi Heat Pump can perfectly solve this issue. The air source pool heat pump is most energy saving, and can provide water temperature constantly at 26-28 degree in all seasons. 

The swimming pools can save the most energy cost and open in the whole year to meet the demand of consumers. Tongyi air source pool heat pump only cost 1/4 energy comparing to the electric water heater. It can automatically finish the work of pouring water in, heating,and keeping warm. It can also filtrate the water in the swimming pool and keep the water clean. The pool holder will save both much energy cost and the human cost!