Russia-Ukraine conflict, international crude oil and natural gas rise! Europe's future heating is being affected

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2022-03-10 14:59:15
With the development of the situation in Russia and Ukraine, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is affecting the global energy market. Beginning in December last year, international oil prices rose from a periodic low level, rising by more than $30 per barrel in just two months. With the jump in oil prices, the natural gas market also experienced changes. On February 24, with the escalation of geopolitical conflicts, the European natural gas benchmark price TTF jumped more than 50% to 132.71 euros/MWh, a record high. The highest value since 2022; the LNG spot price in Northeast Asia has risen by more than 30%, reaching US$36.90/million British thermal, also reaching the highest value since 2022.

In addition to the surge in natural gas prices brought about by geopolitical conflicts, the shortage of reserves in the European market may drive natural gas prices to continue to rise. Residential heating and industrial energy use in Europe consume a lot of natural gas, and the heating industry will inevitably be affected. In 2021, due to the rising demand brought about by the economic recovery, natural gas inventories in Europe will be at the lowest level in many years, and local natural gas prices will continue to soar, driving electricity prices to jump, and rising energy costs will put a lot of pressure on local economic and social development. 

As far as the energy heating system is concerned, natural gas, as a transitional fuel to replace coal, is an important part of the winter heating season. From last year's European gas shortage and soaring electricity prices, to the current tense natural gas market, it is not only a microcosm of the contradiction between energy supply and demand, but also reflects the urgency of energy transformation and substitution. It can be seen that in the energy heating system, the use of clean and renewable energy for heating and the realization of green and low-carbon transformation of energy have a positive effect on alleviating the contradiction between energy supply and demand.

It is understood that in the realization of energy transformation and substitution, air energy heat pumps, as a clean and renewable energy source, are favored by the public in the heating system due to the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and stability. The air energy heat pump does not need to use coal, natural gas and other energy sources during operation. It mainly works with electric energy and thermal energy in the air, which not only reduces the dependence on natural gas, but also achieves zero pollutant emissions during operation. It protects the atmospheric environment, reduces the threat of safety hazards such as fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, explosion, etc. It also saves the use of electric energy, reduces energy costs, and reduces the economic burden of the public. It is reported that CCTV reports have pointed out that compared with traditional coal-fired boilers and oil-fired boilers, air energy heat pumps have the highest thermal efficiency. Take the 68,000-square-meter central heating project of Jinfang Living Home Community in Changzhi County, Shanxi Province as an example. The project uses Tongyi Air Energy Floor Heating Air Conditioning to heat the 68,000-square-meter residential area. Users feedback that after using Tongyi air energy heat pump for heating, the room temperature of each family in the community can reach above 20 ℃, which is very warm and comfortable. After the heating season, it is calculated that the heating cost per square meter is cheaper than that of municipal central heating, and the energy saving effect is significant, allowing the public to achieve a safe, affordable and warm winter in the heating season.

At present, Russia's natural gas delivery to Europe is still continuing, but the recent tension in the natural gas market may continue. As the best way to replace combustion heating and realize the conversion of electricity to heat, air energy heat pump is also an important technology to achieve carbon neutrality. It will play an increasingly important role in reducing the dependence on natural gas and other commodities and promoting the low-carbon transformation of energy.