Tongyi Association's new products appeared at the technical application exchange meeting of Hebei Tongyi Air Source Huangpu Military Academy

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Update time : 2022-05-25 17:59:53
In terms of market trends, Air Source Heat Pump faces both opportunities and challenges. Under the guidance of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the "3060" dual-carbon goal, the heat pump industry has opened a new track for industrial upgrading: on the one hand, in the post-epidemic era, it is faced with the constant flow of new technologies, new users, new channels and new formats. Emerging; on the other hand, in the post-coal reform era, a single product has been explored and grown in the direction of scene-based, intelligent, systematic, and customized. These factors are forcing companies to break out of the situation and enter the new track in advance to reshape the market.
Keep up with market development trends, enter new tracks first, strengthen technological innovation, and return to channel construction. Tongyi Air Energy Whampoa Military Academy training class fully gathers all strengths and resources to better support distributors in North China to develop markets, expand marketing ideas, improve terminal comprehensive service levels, and respond to market opportunities and challenges with full confidence and determination.
①New hard-core products, one step ahead
At this training meeting, Tongyi Air to Water Heat Pump grandly launched a new product of AI frequency conversion air energy - a new generation of commercial frequency conversion floor heating air conditioners, providing a nugget for the dealer market to create wealth!
Core configuration to create first-class cooling and heating equipment
The industry-leading Matsushita DC variable frequency rotor compressor is used to achieve 180-degree sine wave control and low operating noise. At the same time, it is equipped with the world's leading IPM module, with first-class reliability and safety. Fully meet the indoor demand for cooling and heating loads.
Ultra-low temperature jet enthalpy increase design, ultra-low temperature stable heating at -30℃
The unit adopts the design of jet enthalpy increase, which reduces the exhaust temperature of the compressor under the extreme conditions of low ambient temperature and high outlet water temperature, and effectively improves the service life of the product. At the same time, the heating capacity of the jet enthalpy design can also be greatly improved at low ambient temperature, which can effectively ensure that the unit can still operate stably and efficiently in the ultra-low temperature environment of minus 30 °C.
Six-layer mute technology for ultimate enjoyment
Adopt Matsushita 2YCL dual-rotor compressor, forward-swept wing anti-vibration axial flow fan, 180° sine wave vector variable frequency drive technology, Brushless DC fan motor, new airflow adaptation grille, refrigerant flow noise reduction six-fold mute technology, using Comfortable.
Environmentally friendly refrigerants, enjoy energy-saving and low-carbon life
The use of R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant has no damage to the ozone layer, which is in line with the current trend of green life and the requirements of the dual-carbon policy. As a national first-class energy-efficiency product, Tongyi's power-saving effect has reached the international advanced level, with low energy consumption and remarkable energy-saving effect.
AI IoT, Wisdom and Peace of Mind
On the one hand, through AI IoT, the background can automatically record operating data, monitor the operating status of the heating system in real time, and calculate the efficient operating range of the system, providing data support for system intelligent optimization, fault warning, fault repair and upgrade.
On the other hand, based on big data AI to predict load demand, Tongyi AI variable frequency air energy heat pump adopts a variety of optimal control strategies, such as intelligent load prediction, optimal operation efficiency matching, intelligent flow control, intelligent unit group control, intelligent dynamic defrosting , energy efficiency rating and analysis, and intelligent temperature difference, etc., to ensure that the unit operates in the high-efficiency operating range for a long time, reduce the failure rate, and improve user satisfaction.
② Business education + business support, fully in place
At the meeting, Tongyi Air to water heat pump specially invited senior lecturers of the training class of Huangpu Military Academy to explain the strategies through practical operation, teach the profitable nirvana, and escort the dealers in an all-round way!
In addition, in line with the development concept of "shared brands, you and I benefit from each other", Tongyi Air also vigorously launched ten business support policies, providing support and guidance throughout the process, allowing dealers to win the starting line of market competition and lead in 2022. market wealth.
In 2022, under the general trend of the "Double Carbon" goal and the "14th Five-Year Plan", my country's energy structure and people's way of life will usher in new changes. As a green and energy-saving new energy, the air energy industry will usher in a rapid development. "Golden Age" of development.
Tongyi Air Source will also speed up the strategic layout and implementation, and continue to make efforts in product development, brand building, channel building and other dimensions to provide users with reliable and smart green energy-saving solutions.