Tongyi EVI DC inverter heat pump

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-07-29 16:35:32
Tongyi EVI DC Inverter heat pump is the best energy saving solution for house heating and domestic hot water. EVI low temperature heat pump adopted the latest enhanced vapors injection technology, with the latest Japanese DC inverter technology, which extend the heat pump working temperature down to -25DegC. The EVI DC Inverter heat pump unit can save 30% electricity than normal on/off heat pump unit in practical operation. The heat pump system is optimized with inverter fan motor and high efficient water pump, while the temperature compensation function contributes to a more comfortable indoor temperature control.

Panasonic  EVI DC inverter compressor
Low noise and vibration
Support three machines online operation
Inverter water pump for option
Easy installation and operation
Working down to -25DegC    
Rs485 with modbus for remote