The beginning of autumn has passed, sun autumn busy, air-energy drying heat pump to help

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Author : Silence
Update time : 2021-08-24 18:10:36
It's another harvest season-autumn. Now that the beginning of autumn has passed, it means that the harvest season has begun, and the farmers are going to be busy with the autumn harvest again. Spring is born and summer is long, autumn is harvested and winter is stored. After the beginning of autumn, the farmers harvested a lot of vegetables and fruits. If they can't finish them, they will process the fruits and store them in the sun, and wait until the winter when fresh vegetables are scarce, and then take them out for cooking. Therefore, in many places, the beginning of autumn and the drying of autumn have become a kind of local folk custom with quite regional characteristics.

"Autumn" for drying autumn refers to harvested crops and fruits. In fact, this kind of agricultural phenomenon occurs throughout the year, and it is not "exclusive" in autumn, but autumn is the harvest season. People drying crops in the sun are more common and more abundant. Since its development, this custom of sun drying in autumn has gradually faded in many parts of the country, and "sun drying in autumn" has gradually become a cultural symbol to celebrate the happy harvest of farmers. For the drying and storage of a large number of crops by ordinary farmers, or the drying and processing of large-scale agricultural products by enterprises, natural drying and air drying methods have been abandoned. More and more farmers and enterprises choose to use air energy heat pumps to dry crops.

The traditional drying of crops is naturally dried by sunlight, which requires a larger space and a longer cycle time. A lot of manpower needs to be invested in the drying process. Once it rains suddenly when the crops are dried, it will not be able to harvest it faster than the sky. In the case of bad weather, crops may become moldy due to being wet or not dried in time, which will affect the quality and yield of products. Moreover, the temperature of the open-air exposure is uncontrollable, and mosquitoes will be "worried". In this way, the quality of the dried crops is poor and hygiene cannot be guaranteed.

Air energy drying technology effectively solves the pain points of traditional drying of "high cost, low efficiency, and poor quality", so that farmers do not need to passively "feed on the sky". It is not restricted by the weather, and precisely controls the temperature, humidity and drying time to ensure the quality and color of the dried material. And it does not require a lot of manpower and material resources, which greatly saves costs.

In addition, as a new type of energy saving and environmental protection equipment, air energy heat pump drying technology is widely used. For example, Tongyi Air Energy, the top ten leading industrial and agricultural drying brands in the air energy industry, has innovated and developed high-temperature heat pump dryers, which are widely used in tobacco drying, fruit and vegetable drying, medicinal material drying, seafood drying, and wax product drying. And so on. The promotion of its smart drying technology not only saves manpower, reduces emissions, but also guarantees the quality and nutrition of the dried material, which is deeply loved by the majority of users. It can be said that the use of air energy heat pump drying technology is to take the "wealth code" in your own hands!